Android Cop (2014)

Asylum's blend of Robocop and blaxploitation flix!

In 2045, Los Angeles Metropolis is plagued with an unknown disease. LAPD detective and Android buddy enter the Zone, a forbidden section of the city where they discover the source of the illness and a troubling Government Conspiracy at the center.

Android Cop was actually rather enjoyable, despite being a Robocop rip off movie.

This film is an action packed thriller which has some fight scenes as well but is mainly about dealing with non human criminals in a forbidden city plagued with a disease. This film was a tiny but scary, but more of a mysterious action packed thriller and that is what makes it completely different to the film Robocop. The film has some excellent acting by Michael Jai White as Hammond, Kadeem Hardison as Sgt Jones, Randy Wayne as Android Cop, Charles S. Dutton as Mayor Jacobs, Larissa Vereza as Helen Jacobs and Delpaneaux Wills as Officer Williams. Ignore the negative reviews, this definitely is an excellent film.

This is an entertaining little movie. It's not perfect and switches from night time to day in some places; not to mention the plot holes. And yet, it delivers everything it promises. Often when someone says "a film from The Asylum", people panic and run the other way. But, if you give "Android Cop" a chance, you're in for a treat.

Written and Directed by Mark Atkins
Starring Michael Jai White, Kadeem Hardison, Randy Wayne

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